Thermometer BBQ PRO Wireless

Thermometer BBQ PRO Wireless

Clever BBQ thermometer that helps you achieve perfection without having to monitor the grill! Set the final temperature via the app and let the thermometer do the rest. Over 10 meters range. When the meat is ready, you will receive a message via the app where you can also receive updates during cooking. The wireless thermometer works great on the grill or in the oven, connect it easily with Bluetooth. Store the thermometer in the smart case which is also the charging station for your thermometer. No extra batteries needed, everything is built in for easy use over and over again!


Thermometer To Grill Bluetooth

Thermometer Grill folder

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Artikelnummer 16030
Material Plastic/304 Stainless/wood
Tryckmetoder Laser engraving on case
Version Bluetooth
Tariffkod -
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